Black is the New White

Nike’s new black ball has golf world abuzz
A stunt at the FBR Open in which 4 tour pros used a black golf ball on a par 3 to promote a new Nike golf ball (Nike One Black), which is normally white, has now drawn unprecedented demand for production of the black ball. Now, Nike will begin a co-packaged promotion for the ball dropping in late February.
I initially posted this blurb on my personal site, only to find several visits from Wieden and Kennedy, Nike’s agency. Now I’m wondering about the actual results of the promotion. Was this a stunt gone wile where consumer demand really was a surprise, or was there at least a hope that this would escalate to this result.
Any W+K or Nike people out there want to comment?

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  1. You know how ad folks love black. My guess is this introduction was calculated to the nth degree.

  2. I’m sure there was some expectation that the stunt would create demand for the black ball. That said, I’m also sure that they also expect demand to be relatively fleeting. Golf balls are white (and occasionaly bright orange or yellow) for a reason. No matter how cool something looks, or how well it is marketed, if it’s fundamentally flawed it won’t last long.