Black Cat In St. Augustine Alley

This is the coffee I like to drink. I got hooked on it in Chicago, first at MoJoe’s in Roscoe Village then at The Grind in Lincoln Square.
Here’s how Intelligentsia (the roaster) describes it:

A combination of coffees from Latin America and Indonesia, the Black Cat blend is a result of our fanatical quest to build the perfect espresso blend. Exceedingly heavy in body, earthy, spicy, and bold, this blend is exotic and powerful with a sweet finish. Black Cat produces a sublime shot of espresso, and is equally dazzling for traditional coffee.

Last Saturday, in St. Augustine, we walked into Rockin’ Bean for the first time and ordered iced espresso. One sip told us it was our long last Black Cat from the beloved northside roaster. The barista confirmed our assertion and looked dumbfounded, but pleased. Turns out, Iwona and Tom Pietrucha, both 26, are recent transplants to St. Augustine from Chicago and the owners of newly opened Rockin’ Bean. Hence, the Black Cat.
Great coffee really does bring a higher understanding and fellowship among men and women.

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  1. Mrs. P, Its Kayley from Fairveiw in Chicago! You and Tom look like you are doing really great! I want to come to Florida to try your drinks at the Rockin’ Bean! Your coffee shop looks so cool!