Bill Green’s Phat List Of Beefs

George Parker is the most pissed off ad blogger we know, but Bill Green can get peeved too.
Here are some selections from his list of “12 or so things that bothered me this year.”

2) Cellphones + drivers.
3) Chillabrations, ‘Fash’-ons and anything blinged, pimped or ‘phat’-ted.
4) No Geico cavemen sitcom.
5) Non-drunk racist celebrities who aren’t really racist.
6) Drunk racist celebrities who aren’t really racist.
7) Drunk with power world leaders.
8) Change agents, rock stars not named Slash and new media cheerleaders.

Do any of these resonate for you? They do for me.

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  • makethelogobigger

    I bow at the alter of bitter that is George Parker.