Bike Bling

I have a one-speed beach cruiser that I’ve ridden for over a decade. It’s a nice ride. But I need something with more gears to negotiate Portland’s hills.
Thanks to Diego Rodriguez’s rousing endorsement, I’m now willing to consider a Breezer, even though I’ve never heard of the brand before.

I’ve written before about the great bikes designed and marketed by Breezer. They are what they are: a turnkey commuter bike, all sorted out for you, ready to ride and fun to ride, with just enough aesthetic flourishes to make you look back at the bike once or twice once your reach your destination. In a world captivated by spandex-carbon-fiber-titanium-tour-de-france bikes, the Breezer bring a little bit of the Dutch bicycle aesthetic to the US, leavened with some wild California hippie mountain bike DNA. It’s the kind of product that makes for happy owners, and happy owners like to tell other people about their happy experiences (as I’m doing now). In the parlance of Godin, they sneeze, and other people catch the virus. In this case, it’s a Breezer virus, transmitted from friend to friend.

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