Big Sister

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The best consumer-generated ads we’ve seen out there are for political campaigns. And this is just a sample of what we’re in for in 2008:

As I understand it, this wasn’t sanctioned by the Obama campaign. But I love it.

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  1. Even as a mash-up, it’s still better than most of the sanctioned stuff.

  2. I’m an Obama fan, but I thought this was kinda silly. Well done rehash of an apple ad, but the message was kinda weird.
    Whether you like Hilary or not, I just don’t get a big brother vibe from her, and the clips were of her explicitly saying she hopes for more varied discourse in the party.
    I don’t get it. So many better ways to promote obama over hilary. Hell, they’re both “first time” type candidates. How 1984 can either of them be?

  3. Not sure about that, I think Obama‚Äôs far more first-time than Billary. She’s been down this road before, and her delivery is very much like what I think of when I hear Big Brother. Plus, Clinton and Bush are easily becoming two dynasty names in DC politics, no? Since 1988, a Bush or Clinton has controlled the White House.
    They shoulda shot Obama with the sledgehammer on a blue screen. Spot was missing a deeper connection to him aside from copy at the end.

  4. It’s not just a rehash of the 1984 Apple spot, it IS that spot (with Hillary plugged in in place of Big Brother). Even the tagline is the same.
    Unless Steve Hayden was the consumer, there’s nothing “consumer-generated” about this.
    I think a more interesting question is what will Apple do about this? While I’m almost always in favor of companies allowing some use of their image on YouTube, etc., in this case it supports a specific presidential candidate. One that Apple (and its customers) may not support.

  5. The runner is wearing an Obama tank top – nice touch.
    Expect this to get pulled from the sharing sites soon, either on the insistance of Hillary or Apple.
    And expect Hillary to call on Obama to denounce this ad and any like it that portray her in a less than posititve light.
    Jamees Carville knows no bounds – the mud slinging will get very juicy soon.