Beyond Brand Evangelism

According to Newsweek, Peter McBride can take off his polo shirt and maintain his preppy image. McBride, 22, has a Polo pony tattooed on his chest. His decision to brand himself with a brand is increasingly common. Gaje Pou, a New York City tattoo artist, says getting inked with designer or corporate logos is “definitely getting more acceptable.” Logo requests range from Chanel and Gucci to Windows and PlayStation.

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  • HighJive

    the nipple is also a tattoo

  • MaryHelen

    Who is this guy?
    Before I rant about the choice this guy made…I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. There’s probably a reason for this other than pure and simple status symbol right?

  • HighJive

    the reason you’re looking for: the guy’s a moron.

  • Kyle

    That may be the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. I support a lot of brands but I can’t think of one that I would get tattooed on my body, especially not a clothing company. HighJive, you’re exactly right – Peter’s a moron.

  • Bear

    I refuse to believe anyone has ever gotten a Windows tattoo.

  • HighJive

    i’ll bet bill gates’ wife has one on her left breast.

  • KeirBrooks

    I like it matter of fact ima get one on my left ankle! bet!