Beware Of 29E

I-Am-Bored posted this hand-written consumer complaint against Continental Airlines last year.
I was unawre of it until today, when Consumerist picked it up.
It begins, “Dear Continental Airlines, I am disgusted as I write this note to your about the miserable experience I am having in seat 29E on one of your aircrafts. As you may know, this seat is situated directly across from the lavatory, so close that I can reach out my left arm and touch the door.”
It ends with, “I suggest that you initiate immediate removal of this seat from all your of your crafts. Just remove it and leave the smoldering brown hole empty.”
I wonder if Continental took this hilarious, but serious, complaint seriously.

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  1. Seat 29E is a middle seat on their aircraft. How could this person touch the door? And, how could he show a picture of a man standing beside him? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it does stink to me!!

  2. Libby Nobis says:

    Ha ha. The back of the aircraft curves in and 29D was not there. Only 29E on the aisle and 29F at the window. That’s how.

  3. The letter in its entierity is absoloutley hilarious. Of course the person who wrote it must have been exaggerating a little, but it makes for a very funny complaint letter.