Best Thing I’ve Seen on YouTube In Ages

You’re not going to see this on CNN. Score one for citizen activist reporting.

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  1. You’re right. it’s an amazing video.
    Reverse propaganda that hits deep into its target.

  2. I hope many smart independent voters see that.

  3. I see the “ad” for Obama, but I don’t see “reverse propaganda.” To me, propaganda implies the forwarding of untruths for devious ends. Maybe that’s just my reading of the word. Anyway, I see a noble purpose here and a simple unmasking of truths. What truths? Here’s one: conservative talk radio creates parrots out of people.

  4. Of course you’re right. The term has the meaning you suggest.
    I meant to say the marchers for McCain are unwittingly serving as propaganda for Obama.

  5. Read "Deer Hunting with Jesus" says:

    The thing that makes me laugh the most is this: the “get a job” remarks. First, that shit is so 60’s.
    But the funniest part that i just don’t get is why the people there in line to support McCain are any more “employed” than the Obama Clan. Isn’t it the same time of day for everyone? Is the thought, “these Obama folks wouldn’t be here right now if they had a job”?
    Totally perplexing. I guess reason is something I have to stop using if I am ever to understand the mentality of the far right.

  6. I *love* the song in this video – lazy web activate – form of someone letting me know who sings that song!