Beer For The People. The People For Beer.

North Korea wants its people to drink beer and they’ve made a commercial to prove it.

When asked, Sonya Grewal, award-winning creative director for Young & Rubicam in Chicago, told Global Post:

It’s 2 minutes and 34 seconds too long. I think we’re looking at a viral version. The unedited, director’s cut that got out of hand. Frankly, it’s a low-budget production with zero concept. Looks like some kid learning computer graphics put a short video together and posted it on YouTube.

The spot won’t be a contender at Cannes anytime soon, but does it really deserve a Westerner’s lashing? It seems kind of fun in a way, like an old school arcade game.

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  1. michael w says:
  2. Doh! Good call.

  3. Adam the Red says:

    Commercials are not the private property of capitalism. The DPRK should have used YouTube to check out the many amusing and more effective advertisements that ran in the DDR (aka East Germany). For a selection, simply go to YouTube and search for DDR commericials. Here’s one for an electric shaver…

    However, considering how horrible quality of the DPRK TV news, at least to this non-Korean speaking American, this commercial may be a breath of fresh air on North Korean TV.

  4. reminds me of Borat’s version of the anthem of Kazakhstan: