Been There, Blogged That

First Vaynerchuk, now Romensko.

Poynter Institute’s human news aggregator, Jim Romenesko, has announced his semi-retirement from the grind of daily content production.

“For media beat reporters, it’s tough to imagine Romenesko not curating the day’s media news,” says Huffington Post writer, Michael Calderone.

“I went back and forth to renewing (my contract), not renewing,” the 57-year-old journalist told Calderone. “In the end, I decided I wanted to go back and do my own blog, the way I was before Poynter picked me up.”

In moving away from aggregation, Romenesko — who’s rarely been photographed and doesn’t appear on cable chat shows or attend industry conferences -– says he’ll do face-to-face interviews in his reporting, something he hasn’t done “in a helluva lot of time.”

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