Become A Tradigitalist and Rise Above

Wieden’s digital man wonder, Renny Gleeson, has a funny take on the digital vs. traditional battle underway at an agency near you.
One of the issues he looks at is creative control, a topic I grapple with from time to time.

creative control, as in, “who’s that stupid traditional agency to judge the unparraleled brilliance of my interactive idea when they don’t know s— about interactive or the specific nuances of the digital ecosphere?”; or, “who the hell are those untalented f-ers at the digital shop without a conceptual bone in their bodies to tell me about engaging brand stories when the best they can muster is a s— tech app ‘because its cool or because they can’, rather than ‘because its spot on with brand strategy?”

p.s. I borrowed that funny word in the header from Alan Wolk.

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  1. And in the spirit of fairness, Alan Wolk borrowed the word from his friend Matt Dickman, who coined it back in March in this post.
    (As you can see, I immediately claimed it for myself. But you are more than welcome to use it.)