Bears Eat Wranglers, Boots And All

Shawn Waite brings this retro-feeling print campaign for Nocona Boots to our attention.
I don’t like that these cowboys are messin’ with a bear. Bears are my peeps. However, if I allow myself to overlook this fact and to overlook the fact that the other ads in this campaign also glamorize man conquering nature, I can see what nice work this is. From a visual storytelling point-of-view these illustrations are wonderful. And brand building. Should I ever want to have nature-conquering boots on my feet, I’ll consider purchasing Nocona.
See more ads from this campaign after the jump.


About David Burn

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  1. Sergio Millan says:

    Your illustrations are great!!!
    But…I must tell you a personal appretiation about the second one, where a menacing group of bats dominates the scene.
    The shown species is very likely to be Myotis velifer or Eptesicus fuscus, both feed on insects and in no way are considered a menace for mankind, quite the opposite, they are very helful for the considerable amount of insects eaten every night. Nevertherless they are very accurately depicted making this a stuning illustration, perhaps you would have better chosen the tailess vampire bat Desmodus rotundus for a more menacing look. Any way I like a lot your work, it worths it.
    Best regards,