Be Fast And Fascinating (Or Be Gone)

How is technology impacting retail?

Better yet, how are retailers adjusting to all the changes that technology-empowered shoppers are ushering in?

Seattle-based retailer, Nordstrom, has created an Innovation Lab to answer these questions. Here’s a look at some of the work Nordie’s nerds are doing:

The Innovation Lab was created with a simple mission — to be fast and fascinating. According to ISITE Design — which will host the Innovation team on October 18th at Delight 2012 in Portland, — Nordstrom considers a great idea to be one that is “desirable for customers, viable for their business, and feasible to create.”

Nordstrom also uses a design-led innovation process that is human-centered. Which leads me to ask, are you or your clients using a design-led innovation process to learn from customers and involve them in the discovery and validation process? Of course, this is only important if reaching prospects and customers in new and meaningful ways is important (if it’s not, look away).

According to Faris Yakob, who we reported on this morning, “the audience, no longer is.” What he means is “the audience” is no longer passive. Rather people are now active participants, even partners, in the communications we make. Hence, the need for lean and agile development and a responsive, constantly in flux, forward-looking approach to building brands and growing businesses.

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  1. Dan Goldgeier says:

    Innovation is all well and good, so long as they don’t uncharacteristically ignore customers who walk into their shoe department looking for a very comfortable pair of shoes to walk around Europe in. Not that something like that happened to me at Nordstrom 2 weeks ago or anything 🙂