Barrie Inc. Coming Soon

Bob Barrie is leaving Fallon to form his own firm.
He chose not to to give Adweek many details, but indicated the move is not iminent, and that his head and his heart are still at Fallon, an agency he’s been with for 20 years.
Barrie, an art director, is notable in the industry for not taking on creative director duties despite offers to do so. Instead he’s stayed true to his passion and close to the work. The results speak for themselves. For instance, his work for United Airlines has no present day equal.

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  1. Wow. Barrie and Stuart D’Rozario. I don’t know Mr. Barrie personally, but his work speaks for itself. I HAVE worked with Stuart, and can tell you that he’s not only among the most talented copywriters out there, he’s also among the nicest.
    One point: I think you have to give Todd Riddle some significant credit for the United campaign.