Barkley Pedals A Lifestyle

Barkley is sponsoring a bike racing team to the tune of $50,000, according to Stuart Elliott.
The goal of the agency’s stake in the Hincapie Barkley development team is meant to deliver experience in sports marketing as well as access to consumers who are young — or young at heart.
“It’s a great way, a unique way, to get information we can use for existing clients or new clients,” said Brian Brooker, chief executive and chief creative officer at Barkley.
“If we’re in a pitch for any account in the active lifestyle field, it’s instant credibility,” he added.
Rich Hincapie, president at Hincapie Sportswear, said he welcomed the interest and investment from an ad agency not only because it represented “new funds coming into the sport,” but also because “we’re trying to change the image” of cycling.
“What they will do with the Web, with public relations, can take the sport to a higher level,” he added.

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