Banking On Eco-Consciousness

ShoreBank Pacific, a Washington State chartered, FDIC insured bank, is the first commercial bank in the United States with a commitment to environmentally sustainable community development. We believe that long-term community prosperity goes hand-in-hand with a healthy environment.
Through our lending programs, we support individual and community efforts to bring together conservation and economic development. With each loan, we provide information on conservation improvements that can increase the value of the borrower’s business.
ShoreBank Pacific helps borrowers:
Use energy efficiently;
Reduce waste and pollution;
Conserve natural resources; and
Plan for the long term.
[via Iconoculture]

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  1. An interesting approach to a market that, I suspect, is fairly skeptical when it comes to business “institutions” like banks. The ecological point of distinction is important, but I’d think being “first” into this space is even more important to the target market.
    I’ve added this post to the “Much Ado About Marketing” roll for Monday (12/05).
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    Mike Bawden
    Brand Central Station