Bandwidth Shortage Will Keep Your Computer From Becoming Your TV

I saw Mark Cuban on C-SPAN the other day. He said there’s not enough bandwidth available for rich media content distribution on the interweb. You can also read about it on his blog, where Cuban shares some of Craig Moffet’s Congressional testimony:

Despite a great deal of arm waving from “visionaries,” our telecommunications infrastructure is woefully unprepared for widespread delivery of advanced services, especially video, over the Internet. Downloading a single half hour TV show on the web consumes more bandwidth than does receiving 200 emails a day for a full year. Downloading a single high definition movie consumes more bandwidth than does the downloading of 35,000 web pages; it’s the equivalent of downloading 2,300 songs over Apple’s iTunes web site. Today’s networks simply aren’t scaled for that.

Cuban concludes that, “The net result is that TV is going to be TV, delivered like TV for a long time to come.”

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  1. Using bit torrent technology to videocast on demand video is going to change things sooner rather than later.
    See: Democracy TV
    Pretty soon, if not already, sports is going to be the only reason to have cable.

  2. Great point. Bit torrent rocks. Why didn’t Cuban think of that?