Ban The Tired Old Tricks

Ben McConnell at Church of the Customer points to an interesting promotion for Ban Deodorant that attempts to capitalize on the move toward consumer generated content.

Ban (the deodorant) is trying out citizen marketing with a viral twist by inviting people to write captions for photos in its “Ban It” campaign. Winning slogans will be featured in a future ad campaign.
The hoped-for virality is that friends will tell friends about their content creation. (My contribution in the picture at left is strictly from a scientific viewpoint.)
This campaign is a good start for getting customers involved with a product that’s rather utilitarian, especially for mass-market goods. I’m sure KAO Brands finds it immensely challenging to develop relationships with its end-customers, as do all consumer packaged goods manufacturers.

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  1. Massie Block says:

    um… this site is really wierd… why would you ban green eyeshadow, even if it was for a contest?… weird people… o_O