Baio Is Back

I know there’s a secret cadre of Scott Baio fans on AdPulp, so I couldn’t resist this nugget from Radar Magazine:

The former Charles in Charge star is set to chronicle his dating life in L.A. for a VH1 show tentatively titled, Scott Baio is 45 … And Single. Although no premiere date has been picked, a source close to production tells Radar, “it’s essentially Scott Baio running around on dates trying to find a girlfriend. It’s sort of sad.”

Maybe it oughta be called “No One Loves Chachi…At Least For Longer Than A Week.”

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  1. I hate to say it, G, but that pic looks suspiciously like one given only to fan club members. Not that I would personally know or anything…I’m just sayin’.

  2. Actually, it’s from the road trip I took in the summer of ’03 trying to organize a “Zapped!” cast reunion.
    Willie Aames told me to go screw myself.

  3. Carl LaFong says:

    Scott Baio? What, Mason Reese was unavailable?

  4. Carl, I fancy myself quite the pop culture junkie, but I’d never heard of Mason Reese until you brought him up here. Is that good or bad? I mean, I just Googled him ’cause I don’t know that dude.

  5. Carl LaFong says:

    Never heard of Mason Reese, Danny G? He was the white Rodney Allen Ripley.