Bad Viral Advertising Is Quickly Spreading Like, Well, A Virus

This article from London’s Globe and Mail details the story of 2 guys who used Bryan Adams’ upcoming new album as the focus of a fake viral site called Who Ordered Room Service?
I think viral advertising may have Jumped the Shark.
AdLand dives deeper into this discussion.
UPDATE: The Globe and Mail is based in Toronto, not London. Thanks to Constantinos for pointing out my American ignorance.

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  1. It’s kind of hard to blame individuals when ad agencies are also perpetuating their own hoaxes. Which leads me to ask, “Does it have to be fake for it to spread virally?”
    Btw, love the “jumped the shark” lingo.

  2. not that it really matters, but the globe is canadian, no from th uk 🙂
    love your site.

  3. You’re absolutely right, Constantinos. I stand corrected. I also forgot that Bryan Adams is Canadian.
    That’s what happens when you watch too much Fox News. You just lump the rest of the world together.
    Guess I’m a complete hoser, eh?