Baby Boomers Keep Going Back to the Well

“A touch of gray kind of suits you anyway” -Robert Hunter

Just for Men is using music from Cream and a product name from Grateful Dead to sell aging hippies (who long ago became something else) on artificial hair color. I hardly know where to begin with this, it’s so far beyond bad.
[via Make the Logo Bigger]

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  • Tom Asacker

    Do you think the blond has ever heard of Cream, other than the kind she adds to her half-caf, mocha choca, ya ya concoction she gets at Fourbucks?

  • Tom Asacker

  • blueballs

    I think Just For Men uses the same agency that does ads for Flomax and Viagra.

  • Chris

    That spot makes me so uncomfortable. Playing guitar like that makes you liable to get your ass kicked.