Awesome + Awesome = Awesomer

This is one of my favorite spots from last night. It’s the perfect product combo to advertise during the Munchie Bowl, and it’s hard to turn away from humans pretending to be Sea World dolphins.

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  1. i stpped watching the super bowl ads years ago. however, i did go through a couple on your site.
    as a former nut in a nutbin, i always liked the corny humor of emerald nut commercials. i think this one is funny because it is really a ad for PETA: pathetic ethical treatment of advertisers.
    that being said, it’s funny we won’t let dolphins (read lowly worm sonic communicating ad workers) get caught in the net full of tunas, but the ringleader would make them jump through hoops and dance on their tails while promoters pocket cash from an audience.
    Conversation after the showing:
    Delfin 1: what did you get sorry charlie?
    Sorry Charlie: i got kernel of corn!
    yep just like advertising lowly worm gumshoes

  2. i had to go to this blog to get the names of the diligent worker dolphins in the hive who did this from goodby: