The Commercialization of Halloween

The National Retail Federation says that Halloween spending will be down from 2012, but it will still represent $6.9 billion in consumer money for the year. By now, retailers have already begun aggressively marketing the idea of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Right around the corner will be the hint of Christmas trees and garland. Spending peaked […]

9 Tips for Running a Successful Trade Show Booth


Packing up your truck and driving to the trade show should involve as much planning and preparation as possible. After all, you’re going there to promote your product and stand out from the hundreds of other companies whose sole purpose is to outshine you. But the trade show isn’t just about attracting potential customers — […]

Shaving: the $59 Billion Per Year Business of Cutting Hair

As it turns out, men don’t like to get old. The idea of Clint Eastwood’s gritty face with a cigarette, riding off into the sunset to the great beyond is no longer as appealing as it once was. The old cowboy image has faded, replaced with a newfound quest for youthful vigor. Men are no […]

4 Essential Tips for Direct Marketing Heroes

Direct marketing has a unique effect on people. It causes a kind of fervor in someone viewing your product for the first time, one so strong that the person becomes enthralled and will actually give information or a credit card number to a random website on the Internet just to get something. It almost seems like a far-fetched concept […]

Chipotle Launches The Scarecrow, Spooks Conventional Fast Food

The Scarecrow - Chipotle Mexican Grill

This is a stunning ad on its own, but it’s also a companion film for Chipotle’s new Scarecrow Game, an edutainment offering that highlight’s the brand’s quest to source and serve wholesome, sustainable food. The Scarecrow is an arcade-style mobile game from Moonbot Studios that puts players in control of a scarecrow that is fighting to […]

Three Local Businesses With Outstanding Websites and SEO Strategies

How do local businesses stand out in a world of Amazons, Office Depots, and Barnes & Nobles? By making a quality product, having an outstanding website, and learning how to master geo-specific SEO. In a world where most people shop and purchase from their desks, even local businesses have to have a clear, compelling website […]

3 Ways to Inject Relatively Unused, Engaging Social Elements into Your Social Media Marketing

Social media comprises of a host of multi-media layers but many businesses and their marketing campaigns are stuck in a one-dimensional mindset. Those that use social media as part of their daily routine have embraced the platforms in such a way that it has augmented their reality. A simple social profile update or check-in doesn’t […]

6 Alternative Ways to Put Your Brand in the Hands of Customers

Companies rarely go the extra mile to include small items as a bonus gift with their orders because they see it as an additional expense that takes away from the profit margin but, on the contrary, it can be just as effective spending money on these items as it would if you were to diverge […]