Super Bowl Losers Second Life in Sierra Leone

What happens to the t-shirts of the team who loses the game tonight? That’s easy. They get shipped care package style to third world countries. The New York Times sheds light on this uniquely American brand of philanthropy: The other set of championship gear — the 288 T-shirts and caps made for the team that […]

Wanted: Creatives Who Understand The Internet

If you’re a big time TV creative at W&K and you make $500K directing Super Bowl spots, stay where you are. People like you may be working a dying business model, but you’ve got a long way to fall from your ivory tower-like perch. For the rest of us, “new” media, such as the Internet, […]

Are Attention Spans Increasing?

Consumers (i.e., us) are so good at multitasking that they now prefer to consume multiple media types simultaneously. The fact that we’re listening to NPR while shopping on Ebay while watching 24 is no newsflash. But the implications of this behavior are profound for marketers who now must reconsider fundamental measurements of time. To set […]

Do Consumers Really Want To Converse With Your Brand?

The radical notion that marketers must cede control and enable consumers to create brand meaning for themselves is no longer radical, at least in theory. We talk about it all the time. And to a greater or lesser extent, many of us are making it happen. But have you ever wondered what to do with […]

WOM Beats Ads Hands Down

eMarketer picks up on a study conducted by BIGresearch that suggests the power of word-of-mouth, the far less manageable little sister of Advertising. Nothing new here, but I find stats and studies helpful when debating clients, account people, and suits of all sorts.

How Does Your Agency Get Paid?

AdAge calls Crispin a pioneer in forging a new compensation model in which agencies truly partner with their clients, up to and including getting paid for an idea that really works. “The discussion is beginning to shift from ‘What does it cost to generate work and services a client wants?’ to ‘What is the value […]

Don’t Go Home With Guys You Meet on MySpace

Not to get all Bill O’Reilly on you, but does anyone find it rather lame that parents are suing MySpace because thier teenage daughters were sexually assaulted by weirdos they met while using the service? CNET reports that families from New York, Texas, Pennsylvania and South Carolina have filed seperate civil suits against MySpace and […]

Razorfish Extends Global Reach

Can interactive shops continue to grow and challenge traditional ad agencies for ownership of the big idea? Are I-shops capable of leading creative or merely executing and implenting it? If you’re rooting for interactive, good news came today when Avenue A/Razorfish announced that it has secured a 19.4% stake in a Japanese interactive shop called […]

Community News Site Suffers Setback

Despite having sold 550 ads to local businesses since April, citizen journalist website Backfence is in trouble, according to The Washington Post. In May 2005, Backfence won $3M in funding from local investors and national firms, but last week they lost three executives, including their co-founder. Apparently, the management team reached an impasse with investors […]

P&G Asks Women What They Want

Today, P&G launched, an online community for women. This is P&G’s first stab at consumer-generated content in the digital space. Here’s what they’re saying, as quoted in Businessweek: “This is not about selling products. It’s about better understanding of consumers and learning about their needs and habits,” said P&G spokeswoman Robyn Schroeder. “The more […]