How To Improve Your Small Retail Business’s Cash Flow

Cashflow is more about regularity than amount. What you want is money going out of the business at about the same rate as it comes in. If your money goes out too quickly, you may find yourself with a shortfall even if you are expecting more money later that would cover it. If it goes […]

How to Shoot and Upload Videos for PowerPoint Presentations

If you’re looking for a way to improve stale PowerPoint presentations and make a memorable impression, using video in your slides is a great solution. But the technicalities of shooting a video and transferring it into PowerPoint put many people off, and the cost of hiring a film crew, actors, and a post-production studio to […]

Use SEM to Put Your Marketing Efforts Under the Microscope

  Marketing for SMBs used to be a simpler game. There were very few avenues where marketing efforts could be easily applied, and they were more simply understood than the marketing avenues of today. Let’s say you were a used car business in 1970. Available to you, you’d have local radio, simple publications like newspapers, […]

5 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Grow Your Business

Starting your own business can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s not without a lengthy list of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is time management, and finding a way to complete the multitude of varied tasks that come along with running your own one person show. When you start your own business, it goes without […]

How To Troubleshoot a Failing Home-based Business

You went online. You read stories about people who created a fortune from a home-based business. You bought an expensive Internet marketing course promoted by a seven-figure guru. Following instructions outlined in the video tutorials, you built your eCommerce business. Unfortunately, you only made a little money. You made more than enough to take the […]

Why businesses are building their empires in Utah

In the mid 1800s, pioneers made the long and grueling trek west across the country in search of a new home. These pioneers were exiled from their home in Nauvoo, Illinois, and their leader Brigham Young had a vision of the place where they should settle. When pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, Young […]

How to Use WordPress, Aweber, And Pubsio To Earn Extra Money

It can be difficult to make ends meet in today’s economy. Although the recession is officially over, many people still experience its impact. It’s harder to get a job. When you do find one, it may not pay enough to cover all your expenses. Fortunately, we now live in a technological age. This means that […]

Shrewd Ways To Improve Your Cash Flow

Generating sufficient cash flow to operate your business is critically important. If you don’t have enough cash to buy inventory and pay employees, you can’t operate. Your cash flow is just as important as generating a profit. Use these tips to improve your cash flow. Create a plan An owner needs to plan for every […]

My Favorite Ad From 2013 — Yes, I Still Remember It

What makes a great advertisement? Simple. Ads that drive customers to purchase the item or the service being advertised. Isn’t that right? Certainly, the answer to that is ‘yes.’ Great ads prompt sales. But they also do much, much more, as professionals know. Advertisements also help establish a brand, which means trust, recognition and company […]

Growing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Starting a business is risky business, indeed. Investopedia cites the SBA for some interesting numbers. Thirty percent of businesses do not survive the first two years. Fifty percent are lost in the first five. Only 1 in 4 make it to the 15-year mark. That is one source from five years ago. The numbers are […]