Moosehead Lost Its Head

From The Chronicle Herald: Following complaints from a feminist group and incensed customers, New Brunswick’s Moosehead Breweries has pulled an ad that implied women should speak no more than 50 words a day. The ad, which appeared in The Onion, a U.S.-based satirical magazine, read: “The average woman speaks 10,000 words in a day. Roughly […]

AOL Plays Catch Up

USA TODAY reports on AOL’s efforts to keep pace with its fleet footed rivals. This week, AOL begins integrating video search from Truveo, which it bought in December. The big push will come in mid-March, when 14,000 Warner Bros.-owned classic TV shows become available on AOL for free, supported by ads, as part of its […]

There’s No There There

Seth Godin hit a nerve with his anti-Vegas rant. I’ve never liked Vegas much. The place seems flimsy and unreal, like a Hollywood set that will be gone tomorrow, after a big dust storm blows it up into Utah. Las Vegas is an epicenter of a trend that is accelerating through every market and community […]

No Lame Names

Last month, Adweek spoke to Steve Stone, president and creative director at Heat/San Francisco. Q. Why do you give your agencies names rather than calling them Stone & Elder, etc.? A. I have always wanted aplace where people could feel like they could be part of a bigger entity, to emotionally feel like they belong […]

Email Battles For “Killer App” Heavyweight Title

Buzz Machine and Fresh Inc. are running stories on the rumored sale of DailyCandy, a free daily e-mail newsletter and website, that purports to be the “ultimate insider’s guide to what’s hot, new, and undiscovered — from fashion and style to gadgets and travel.” Bob Pittman, former chief operating officer of AOL Time Warner, bought […]

Bob Cargill Prepares To Clear High Bar

Creative director, copywriter and communications strategist, Bob Cargill, is seeking a new job. Perhaps, I ought to rephrase that. He’s seeking a new post that truly fits his vision. Wherever I land, I hope it’s a place that recognizes the need to leverage the effectiveness of traditional, time-tested marketing principles with the power of the […]

Aim Carefully

Guy Kawasaki’s post “How To Suck Up To A Blogger” offers some good advise to PR flacks. Blogging has flipped traditional PR on its head. It used to be that ink begat buzz. Life was simple then: you sucked up to the Wall Street Journal, one of its reporters wrote about your product, and the […]


According to this article in Ad Age, branding guru, Al Ries, wants Guatemala to change its name to Guatemaya. Guatemala is a country rich in heritage. It was the cultural center of the Mayas, the most advanced civilization in all of North and South America. Even today, 43 percent of Guatemala’s population of 14 million […]