Legal Humor Not Lost On Lawyers

For lawyers, like ad pros, there is seemingly no end to the abuse that must be endured at cocktail parties, on the golf course, etc. Huey Partners in Atlanta helped its media client, The Daily Report, come to terms with this fact. Actually they did more than that, they sold this ad, which is likely […]

American Icon Not Ready To Fade Away

From Los Angeles Times: Levi Strauss & Co. posted a fourth-quarter profit as the jeans maker ended an eight-year sales slide marked by fashion missteps, mass layoffs, plant closures and accounting troubles. The San Francisco-based company said it earned $43.6 million during the three months ended Nov. 27. Levi is privately held but discloses its […]

Hey Man, Whatcha Listening To?

From A U.S. security expert who devised an application that can fill an iPod with business-critical data in a matter of minutes is urging companies to address the very real threat of data theft. Abe Usher, a 10-year veteran of the security industry, created an application that runs on an iPod and can search […]

Talent Leak At Technorati

ValleyWag brings to our attention three defections from Technorati, the blog tracking site. Jason DeFillippo, Derek Powazek and Niall Kennedy all are heading for the exit. None of the men publicly claim this has anything to do with Technorati. In fact, DeFillippo goes out of his way to say what a great boss, mentor and […]

Beer Goes To The Ball

CNN reports on Boston Beer Company’s latest innovation—Utopias, a $100 a bottle of 25 percent alcohol beer. “My goal was to raise beer drinkers’ expectations,” says Master Brewer Jim Koch, 56, founder of The Boston Beer Company and creator of Utopias. “To break the boundaries of what people traditionally think of as beer. “I wanted […]

Why Skimp When You Can Indulge?

Last night, during a comemrcial break from the Olympics, Wendy’s showcased their tripple hamburger and asked me to “Do what tastes right.” Wendy’s is so enamored of their new tagline, they’ve trademarked it. What a waste of legal fees. How about “Listen to your stomach” or some other anti-hunger message? What do you think? Do […]

When Geeks Gather Wine Is Served

Hugh MacLeod is driving his “marketing disruption” machine across America this spring and summer. He’s helped turn “Geek Dinners” into an event marketing campaign for his South African wine client, Stormhoek. We like sponsoring geek dinners. We want to do more. Lots more. Ergo: 100 Geek Dinners in 100 days. Starting in May. Are you […]

Microgooglehoo Asks Washington For Help

From USA TODAY: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday launched a task force to counter efforts by other nations that use U.S. technologies to block the free flow of information across the Internet. That came on the eve of a congressional hearing Wednesday on Internet companies — including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft — that […]