Sorry Chloe, But Santino Got Robbed.

Yes, I was watching Wednesday night as Heidi Klum and crew robbed Santino of his rightful designation. Yet, I have a feeling Santino’s going to do well from here, even without the title. One of the fun things about Project Runway is watching another industry grapple with many of the same issues we face in […]

“Your Boat Is The Brand”

Once upon a time, Jack Trout was the man. After all, he is the acclaimed author of many marketing classics, including Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, Marketing Warfare, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and Differentiate or Die. But now he’s come out against word-of-mouth in Forbes, making him look old-fashioned, at best. There’s […]

Lead Me To A Free iPod

What would you give for a qualified lead? An iPod, perhaps? From Ad Age: The $20 million-a-year site that has become a poster child of the increasingly important online incentive marketing business was originally started as a “get a free condom” come-on. At lunch one day in the college cafeteria, then University of North […]

Rubel Untainted In Wal-Mart Blog Scandal

Wal-Mart has been working with right wing bloggers. It’s a story. Some are up in arms over it. I don’t know who exactly, but I trust they’re out there and that they’re fuming. Edelman, the PR firm that handles the Wal-Mart account is at the center of this debate. Especially so, due to the fact […]

BBDO Goes To School

I learned today that BBDO runs a school. And get this, they seek to educate clients. Talk about a little pre-sell. Since 1998, BBDO University has been helping BBDO and its clients improve their people’s ability to build strong brands. BBDO University is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. From here, we run the Core Curriculum, Client […]

Punk Your Brand

I attended a Joshua Davis presentation three years ago at SXSW. Now, Wired has an interesting profile of the man. There are two ways to get noticed as an artist. You can stick to a familiar formula, like Thomas Kinkade with his prodigious output of country cottages that look perfect hung above the ­chenille sofa […]

Schwag Man Shoots…And He Scores!

You gotta love the net. I mean, where else are you going to find a report on a guy who sent letters to 100 consumer goods companies asking for free merch? The 39 Dollar Experiment was Tom Locke’s attempt to test the corporate generosity waters. Most companies said no, but several said yes. Burt’s Bees […]

The Creative Class Moves In

Last year Dubuque, Iowa used a grant from the Iowa Department of Economic Development to create and run an ad campaign in Denver, Chicago, Madison, Wis., Minneapolis and St. Paul — cities that have drawn many young Dubuquers away from home. The campaign’s theme: “Dubuque: Your hometown. Your future.” According to USA TODAY, Dubuque and […]