Hang Up And Live

I’m surprised to see that Snark Hunting likes Sprint’s “Yes-man” campaign. Sprint’s new “Yes-man” campaign is effective because it’s taking a negative phrase, redefining it, taking ownership of it and getting you to pay attention. Verizon pulled a similar power play through its “Can you hear me now” campaign, embracing a phrase muttered by everyone […]

It’s All Too Much

On Monday, Seth Godin claimed less is sometimes more when it comes to blog content. By writing too much, too often, we’re trouncing on the attention of the commons. Blogs with restraint, selectivity, cogency and brevity (okay, that’s a long way of saying “making every word count”) will use attention more efficiently and ought to […]

Seller’s Remorse

From The New York Times: The chairman and chief executive of Knight Ridder, P. Anthony Ridder, who sold the newspaper chain to the McClatchy Company on Monday, said last night that he resisted the sale and then sought to persuade McClatchy to keep most of the company’s 32 papers. But immediately after acquiring Knight Ridder […]

Marching Up To Minne

From Lewis Lazare: With the giant $250 million U.S. Army account heading out the door, Leo Burnett is losing one of its high-profile top creatives, Kerry Feuerman, 54, whose stint at the city’s largest shop lasted only nine months. On Tuesday, Fallon/ Minneapolis announced Feuerman will become the agency’s new creative director, replacing Paul Silburn, […]

WongDoody Joins The Revolution

Adweek reports that WongDoody has additional capabilities. Independent WongDoody has launched an interactive design and technology division, United Future, the agency said today. The 12-member United Future team works at the agency’s Los Angeles office. Some of the first collaborations between WongDoody and its interactive arm include projects for Autodesk, T-Mobile and a viral marketing […]

All The World’s A Stage

Can any company resist the temptation to co-create with their customers? I don’t think so. At USA Network, characters are welcome. And now, USA has created a community where characters from across the country can come together. You are invited to become a member and upload your videos, photos and profile. You can share your […]

Denver Ad Fed Out Of Business

I was not aware that the Denver Ad Fed closed down in December 2004. This Denver Post article from last month, provides some details. The 113-year-old group shut down in December 2004 as a result of flagging membership. Leaders and members said the group had been too slow to respond to changes in the industry. […]

Social Software My Ass

You know something’s big when the satire commences. From Sean Bonner: Since the internets were invented we’ve all been trying to figure out what they can be best used for, how that can improved our lives, and how we can monetize the fuck out of that. Who ever could have guessed that I’d be the […]