Jiffy Lube Wants A Two-Way Customer Conversation. Maybe.

In Southern California, Jiffy Lube locations got busted for not doing work that customers paid for. The above follow-up report, taken from the local news in LA, shows clips of a Jiffy Lube “apology” commercial and the reactions of some of the customers who got screwed. It doesn’t appear Jiffy Lube is all that interested […]

I’m Still Voting For Chris Christmas Rodriguez This Year

Done a while back and it still cracks me up. See all of them here.

A Quick Lesson In Customer Service Courtesy Of Home Depot

1) Don’t call someone a “cunt.” 2) If you call someone a “cunt,” make sure that woman’s husband is not nearby. 3) If you call someone a “cunt” and their husband is nearby, act very apologetic and remorseful, and do something to rectify the situation. 4) If you call someone a “cunt” and their husband […]

Jack Trout Gets It Right About Wal-Mart

Between the original “Postioning” authors Ries & Trout, it’s easy to deduce who the smart one is based on their solo writings. Ries waxes moronic in Ad Age, but in a great column on Forbes.com, Jack Trout looks at the big issues facing America’s largest retailer. I’ve written in the past that once a brand […]

Draft Investigates Itself, Clears Itself Of Wrongdoing

The Chicago Tribune reports on the aftermath of DraftFCB’s Wal-Mart win/loss. Observers of the ad business had been waiting for a reaction from DraftFCB, which finds itself under the glare of publicity and seemingly in a vulnerable business position. Wal-Mart took back its account this month, even before DraftFCB had started work for the retailer, […]

Lawsuits Are Targeting Target, Claiming Copyright Infringment

If you think your local Target is beginning to resemble a Pottery Barn, it may not be your imagination. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports on a new lawsuit, and others over the years, that accuse Target of copying other retailers’ products: Williams-Sonoma, which operates Pottery Barn and other chains, claims in a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday […]

The Windy City Ad Scene Goes Cold

Crain’s Chicago Business takes a closer look at the city’s advertising scene. You can tell by the title of the article that the perception is it ain’t too good there: Dream of Chicago ad revival is dashed: The city’s ad agencies, decimated after years of losing headquarters and major accounts, seemed poised to regain their […]

Homeowners Don’t Have A CLUE, But Insurers Do

This is really only tangentially related to advertising in the sense that we are constantly shown happy/safe/it’s-all-gonna-be-alright imagery from insurance companies in their advertising. But I didn’t know this: Insurers now keep records on the history of your home and use that info to deny you coverage. MSN MoneyCentral has more: Insurers increasingly are using […]