Authentic Voices Discuss Authentic Voice

Hugh MacLeod asked recently, “Is it just me, or is the term ‘Authentic Voice’ starting to get annoying?
It’s already starting to sound like a buzzword…
The word ‘conversation’ in a post-Cluetrain marketing context is also starting to get on my tits, even if I’m as guilty as anyone for using it.”
To which, one witty Canadian, Brian “BS” Moffatt, chimed in with:
“We need to conduct a war on buzzwords and over used catchphrases.
Let’s begin with the phrase ‘on my tits’. I’ve read that phrase so many times today, I’m bag deep and crazier than a bag of hammers.
A war on the use of the word conversation would be good.
Followed by a war on ‘the war on ______’ Authentic Voice=Genuine Naugehyde.
Markets are chats. Hire a Trunk Monkey for yours.”
Moffatt also sent these zingers into the blogosphere:
“But if the Internet proves anything at all, the target, like God, is dead.”
“Marketers have become engineers of human soulessness.”

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