Audience Participation Time

This is a bit off-topic, but I’m looking for a contact within Apple Computer, specifically in the area of customer/consumer relations. If any of our readers could help me out, I’d be most appreciative. Drop an email to shartley [at] gmail dot com
Additionally, I have around 50 Gmail invitations available. If anyone is still looking for a Gmail account, send me an email – to the same address above – with Adpulp Gmail in the subject line.
Thank you to those who emailed me regarding my iMac. The issue has be resolved. And I still have plenty of Gmail invites available.

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Creative technologist by day. VP at Corporate 3 Design in Omaha. Proud father and husband.


  1. Read all about Shawn’s new iMac saga on his personal blog.
    I don’t think it is off-topic. When a company makes poor quality products or can’t deliver on its brand promise for whatever reason, it’s exactly the kind of thing we want to know about and discuss.

  2. Apple was totally non-responsive when my Mac died, and I have decided never to go Mac again.
    A computer that lasts only a year and a half isn’t much of a computer.