Dueling Billboards

BMW billboard from Juggernaut Advertising on Vimeo.
Juggernaut Advertising, an independent advertising agency headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, has initiated a tactical outdoor marketing campaign on behalf of BMW of Santa Monica. The campaign is in response to Audi’s current billboards challenging BMW with the headline “Your move, BMW.”
This is a smart way for the agency and client to go. BMW of Santa Monica is not the brand, it’s a dealer, but that doesn’t matter from a creative perspective. Nor would it register for a car consumer. It’s simply Audi versus BMW.

About David Burn

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  1. Joe Marshall says:

    Brilliant and simple, but also fun. Nice work.

  2. I think this outdoor marketing campaign is brilliant. Santa Monica BMW’s response to Audi’s advertisement is clever and right-on-target. Both brands will gain publicity from these ads, however, the Audi billboard blatantly displays “BMW” in bold type for the world to see, giving BMW extra ad space. Santa Monica BMW definitely wins this game.