Attractive, Wholesome And Daffy: Bachmann Looks Like A Winner

I was clicking through the channels of nothing on last night, when I paused for a moment on MSNBC’s Ed Show. Host of the show, Ed Schultz, predicted that Minnesota Congresswoman and Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann would win Iowa, which is a big step, like New Hampshire, toward the nomination.

Her web site says, “Michele Bachmann is a principled reformer who holds an unwavering commitment to the conservative values that helped her succeed as a small business owner, a U.S. tax attorney, a state and federal lawmaker, and a wife and mother.” It’s the get to know me pitch.

Now, let’s see what her first TV ad in Iowa is saying:

I can see where Schultz is coming from. Bachmann looks good on TV, and that’s what it takes.

Hat Tip: Ad Age

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  • MediaFiche

    “Bachmann looks good on TV, and that’s what it takes.”

    For the sake of our country, let’s hope that’s not all it takes. And that isn’t a comment or a dig on Bachmann, just a general thought on politicians in this media-crazy age.

    • David Burn

      A pretty TV face is not all it takes. It also takes the ability to raise close to a billion dollars, which means no matter who wins, they’re forever indebted to the corporate interests who put them in office.

      • HighJive

        You need a pretty TV face to raise that money too. That’s probably another reason why your AdPulp Journalism Fund hasn’t raked in much loot. Bwaahaaa! Just kidding.

        • David Burn

          That crack’s gonna cost you, Jive. At least a fifty. You know where to put it.

      • MediaFiche

        Very true.