Attention Patchouli Loving Graphic Designers

The Bonnaroo Music Festival is looking for submissions to create a Bonnaroo logo or design. Take a little time to show us what you’ve got, and we may use your artwork for some Bonnaroo merchandise. There are no guidelines for the actual artwork, except that it have some tie to The Bonnaroo Music Festival.
Please submit your designs (maximum 1 megabyte) or questions about the contest to or send to the address below. Final artwork is not needed; just an optimized picture is fine (72 dpi JPEG or GIF preferred).
The winners will receive a pair of tickets to Bonnaroo 2006!
See Bonnaroo’s official site for full details and rules.
[via Live Music Blog]

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  1. I feel it is unethical and hurtful to the Design profession to ask for free work.

  2. That’s understandable, Michael. But I don’t believe it’s limited to professionals. I imagine this is more of a student competition. I also imagine the promoters just want to let music fans participate in the process. Fans are funny that way.

  3. Michael,
    It is hurtful to students, too. But, damn, what more can they do after they’ve raped your mind anyway. Oh i know, make visual clues to you body. Like tongueing cherry candies while you sit across the desk from them. Stuff with bananas, etc.
    I think you get the visual communications subjects.

  4. was that last post written in english?

  5. Corrections says:

    “?” at the end of sentences that ask a question. What’s the exact ruling on expressing doubt? Is there always to be a question mark? In the conversational tone am I allowed to use incomplete sentences? In between thoughts with stops, not short pauses, should I use elipsises(pl. ?)?
    I will also try to type better and hand in better work by slowing down.
    My “fast.”
    (That is an incomplete sentence, but I claim poetic license after studying the rules on those rows.)
    My mac keyboard has such a soft touch. That is just an excuse, of course. I think it is a good one. Bravo to anyone who can type quickly on these things and not make errors like I make. My first adventures in typing were on a manual typewriter. The first nine weeks my grades were 85%. On the IBM Selectric I earned 89% in the second nine weeks of winter 1974. For what it is worth, I earned a 93% in Algebra II/Trigonometry and a 96% in German I. You can check that against my permanent record.
    Would you like me to turn in my misspelled words written 10, 20, or 30 times each?
    I know:
    command ;
    will underline my mistakes in dotted red lines.

  6. That post totally made my face melt. It’s all over my hands.

  7. narcissus says:

    I scooped some water out of a pond and found my face in my hands, too. However, it slowly seeped out of my hands, and then I heard some drops echo in my heart. I got all inside out and confused, but I that moment lived on.