Attempting to Help Denver Suck Less, Daily

A friend and former colleague from Integer Denver wrote to me today about The Denver Egotist, a new market-specific ad blog with mile high ambitions.
Here’s what the site’s anonymous editor is thinking:

The Denver Egotist Manifesto
In order to promote creative growth in Denver, one must admit the city is conceptually stunted. It’s not on the tip of any tongues, and for good reason. Safe solutions, droll concepts. It is our belief, as creative participants in this city, that the opportunity for change lies at our feet and that it can happen by challenging one another, by holding each other accountable for our work, and by hiring and promoting local talent. This is our attempt to foster big ideas and radical thinking on a local level. To remind us all why we love this job. This is The Denver Egotist, a means to an end.

In a post from 24 days ago, titled “Coming Home to Denver,” the writer compares Denver to Los Angeles. “L.A. is a creative circus. Denver is a one-armed clown juggling for street change.” That may be a bit harsh, but it’s wise to honestly critique the situation before attempting to administer an effective remedy.

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  1. Hasn’t Crispin’s move to Boulder totally changed things in the Denver ad community? Or is Boulder too far away to make a difference?

  2. T. Toad,
    Crispin may one day be considered a Denver/Boulder shop, but it’s a bit early for that.
    The key to making Denver, or any market, the next hot spot has everything to do with the local business community embracing local talent. That’s how Minneapolis became Minneapolis.
    Denver’s top clients still want to fly to SF and NYC and LA to work with the best. Which is totally understandable. What would you do if you were in their shoes? Take a chance on a local shop that few outside of Denver have heard of, or fly to SF and rub shoulders with the big guns?