Asheville Asks Americans To Step Out Of The Office

Roy McCrerey is an Atlanta-based actor who was recenly hired by Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau to star in its “Five Day Weekend” campaign.
McCrerey told the Atalanta Constitution Journal that he only works two days a week. Actors…

“In my dream world, the jerk boss is going to be the guy who makes you come in on Wednesdays,” said McCrerey
Maybe our message is a little crazy, but my response to that is our current situation is crazy. We need to fight crazy with crazy.”

According to “the movement,” work-obsessed Americans waste million of vacation days a year. In fact, the idea for this campaign may well have stemmed from Expedia’s claim that 51.2 million Americans are vacation deprived.

Despite earning the least amount of annual vacation days, Americans will leave an average of 3 days unused—totaling more than 439 million in 2007.

Asheville’s campaign is meant to be funny, which it is. Whereas Expedia is kickin’ facts, as far as I can tell. Clearly, both entities stand to benefit from motivating people to get out of town more often.
Five Day Weekend has a blog and a Cafe Press storefront.
[via Brains on Fire]

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  • almost vegetarian

    Oh, I just adore Asheville. And I am not at all surprised that they are responsible for this campaign. We’ve always thought Asheville was a taste of San Francisco in the south.