Art Is Part Of The Starbucks Experience


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  1. Nice try Starbucks. That 10-day event is likely going to suck because everyone’s going to have esophageal ulcers a bitter attitude after being served overpriced sludge dressed up with a stupid name and some caramel.
    David, were you baiting me with this one? Or maybe Rupert Everett?

  2. Evan,
    Thanks for the Everett bit. I had not seen that.
    I was not baiting you, nor the Englishman, for you are not fish.
    My interest is this story is purely from an experiential marketing point-of-view. Starbucks, like Budweiser and Coca-Cola, are no longer selling just beverages. They’re selling brand impressions.
    While I think this is a decent development, it does lead me to wonder if consumers in the future will attach the right meaning to a brand that stands for so many things other than the product they make and market.