Art Directors Club Call For Entries Takes On Armageddon

I’ll admit I didn’t study the Art Directors Club call for entries poster when it came in the mail a couple of weeks ago:
It’s intended to be the “Final Call For Entries.” But over at Little Green Footballs, a right-leaning political blog, the poster was interpreted like this:

It’s an impressive panoply of moonbat leftist self-loathing, a desolate nuclear wasteland populated by Republican political leaders holding hands with the Devil (lower left), Christians throttling Muslims (lower left corner and center), a priest shoving a lollipop into a little boy’s mouth, gas-guzzling Humvees crushing people, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and a lone polar bear, marooned on an ice floe in a tsunami.

To see the poster larger, click here. It was illustrated by Norbert H. Kox, who apparently does a lot of apocolyptic artwork.
Anyone want to chime in on what the poster means to you?

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  1. Sadly, the poster shows again that the Art Directors Club is messed up. These morons produced entry materials in 2005 that were nothing short of racist. This latest effort is no different. Every minority depicted in the piece is portrayed in a negative and bigoted fashion. Also, why would these jackasses want to denigrate the consumerism that keeps most of them employable? It feels like something that belongs in Adbusters versus an ad awards show. Whenever the industry is accused of being racist, misogynistic, exclusive, etc., the insiders cry out in denial and counterattack the accusations with assorted nastiness. Yet the evidence is consistent and clear. The Art Directors Club is a culturally clueless organization, like the industry it comes from.

  2. “Every minority depicted in the piece is portrayed in a negative and bigoted fashion”.
    Did you happen to see anyone else in the painting??

  3. I wouldn’t call them “minorities” either. Muslims may be minorities in this country, but in this global village, they are simply someone else’s majority – another brand of human.
    This painting, if anything, is a political statement about global consumerism gone awry, a twisted US foreign policy, and the dangers of religion.
    Or it’s a cultural self-parody. Fuck if I know.

  4. True and Todd,
    right on all counts. i was typing too fast. meant to say all the foreigners are being depicted in negative styles. yes, the rest of the folks are depicted negatively too, but i’m not convinced it will perpetuate stereotypes in the same way. that is, arab americans and muslim americans might take offense to the images. doubt if white folks will.

  5. Helen Bitar says:

    I felt relieved seeing the poster, there are great guts exposing the raw nerves that so many people can not feel.

  6. I feel sad for the chickens.

  7. christy Coll says:

    I think everyone is missing the point. Its a call for entries poster! What does the artisit views on religion and the war and the government and everything else that he sees is wrong with america, have to do with a call for entries? I think it is in bad taste and have less respect for TWBAChiat/Day, the agency that produced it.-Christy