Are African-Americans More Likely To Think Arbys And Wake Up With The King?

From the AP:

There are far more ads for fast food and snacks on black-oriented TV than on channels with more general programming, researchers report in a provocative study that suggests a link to high obesity rates in black children.
The results come from a study that lasted just one week in the summer. Commercials on Black Entertainment Television, the nation’s first black-targeted cable channel, were compared with ads during afternoon and evening shows on the WB network and Disney Channel.
Of the nearly 1,100 ads, more than half were for fast food and drinks, such as sodas.
About 66 percent of the fast-food ads were on BET, compared with 34 percent on WB and none on Disney. For drinks, 82 percent were on BET, 11 percent on WB and 6 percent on Disney; and for snacks, 60 percent were on BET, none on WB and 40 percent on Disney.

Although the article quotes someone from BET, and someone from McDonald’s, no ad agency or media agency people were quoted. It’d be interesting to hear from someone who plans the media buys. I’ve always thought that ‘target audiences’ are basically stereotypes in one form or another.

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  1. that’s a really interesting theory. there may be some truth to it. but it also has much to do with the advertisers. specifically, the only advertisers willing to create and run minority ads tend to be the big food brands (mickey d’s, burger king, coke, etc.).