Are You Ready For the 24-Hour Branded Content Cycle? Because It’s Ready For You.

Baba Shetty of BMW Films fame is now CEO of Newsweek/The Daily Beast. He and Jerry Wind of Wharton’s Future of Advertising Program are busy considering how brands and their agency helpers might meet the rising challenge of content creation.

To get there, brands will have to leave behind organizations and thinking built solely around the campaign model, and instead adopt the defining characteristics of the real-time, data-driven newsroom — a model that’s prolific, agile and audience-centric.

But let’s not dwell in the academic. Deep Focus is already doing it.

“The process of arriving at the best social content looks more like ‘Newsroom’ than ‘The Pitch’ says Ian Schaeffer, CEO of Deep Focus. “Creative and social staffers merge the zeitgeist with the brand ethos all day, every day.”

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