Approach Humbly Or Get Smacked Down

Joker at Why Advertising Sucks warns newly minted college grads about the dues they must pay before entering, or “making it” in the wonderful world of ad agencies.

Lots of people want success handed to them on a silver platter because they made the grade or graduated some cum laude whatever and were president of their college ping-pong team. Fuck you for being an ingrate half ass and look around, people not only stare at you because your attitude stinks, but your breath reeks of the shit your shoveling.

Unfortunately, no college or university is going to tell its students they’re ill prepared for the real world. So that task gets left to people working in the guilds.

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  1. By far the best blog post I’ve read all month.

  2. Required reading for all Creative Circus grads.

  3. Grads?
    Shouldn’t it be the anti-brochure they hand out to prospective newcomers?
    Or do they have a drill sargeant iniation in the first level classes at those top notch schools?