Apple Brings The iPad2 To The Digerati Encamped In Austin

If there was ever a time and place for an Apple pop up store, it’s 6th Street in Austin this weekend.

According to The Statesman, a team from Apple rolled in to town last Monday, picked their favorite location, signed a two week lease with Plat.Form Real Estate, and set about retrofitting 5,000-square-feet of space in the classic Scarbrough Building at Congress and West Sixth Street.

Daniel Terdiman, staff writer at CNET News, says Southwest Interactive conference has become “the essential place for social marketing experts to come and show how good they are.” And “Apple out and out dominated everyone. On the first day. The game is already over.”

In related news, Dan Frommer, Senior Staff Writer at Business Insider, isn’t rushing out to upgrade to the iPad2. He says iPad’s novelty has gradually worn off. He now prefers a MacBook Air as his portable computer of choice.

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