Apparently, Proofreaders May Be Banned Next

Well, on the very same day I post about bad writing (see “Righting The Writing” below) along comes this ad from the “Center For Consumer Freedom” (read: a lobbying group for major food and tobacco manufacturers) which is reacting to New York City’s recent vote to ban trans-fats.
The ad states that trans-fat, apparently, is the same substance as “margerine.”
Did they mean margarine?
As for the relative merits of an ad created by an organization funded by fast food companies, Kraft, and Coca-Cola opposing a ban of trans-fat…well, you can decide that one for yourself.

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  1. daveednyc says:

    Seems to be just the thumbnail that has the misspelling. The .pdf and .jpg you can view on the site both say “margarine”. And I checked it yesterday. *shrugs*

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  3. the organization behind this ad is bankrolled by fast feeders, big tobacco and more. one of its masterminds is a political lobbyist. this organization is not concerned with consumer freedom, but rather, corporate freedom. don’t believe the hype.