Anti-Imperial Sentiments

Old World Agencies,
I write this to you at the risk of sounding grumpy, but I must ask you a simple question. Why does it take you so many people to do what you do?
With warm regard,
Inform Ventures
[Editor’s note: this is an abbreviated form of the message that I received]

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  1. Man, if you click on “old world” on their site, it goes to Ogilvy. BURN!

  2. That’s some good stuff. The down economy is perfect for talking to prospective clients about the level of pointless bullshit most agencies bring, and how a smart group of freelancers can accomplish anything and everything an agency offers for less. It’s sweet revenge for those years of canceling night weekend plans and starting over from scratch in the eleventh hour because a new layer of agency middle management decided to involve themselves in your project.