Anti-Corporate (And Anti-American) Activists Go For The Jugular

The Guardian and Johnnie Moore have brought our attention to a unique, and complicated, new method to bring harm to corporations with questionable human rights and environmental records.
from The Guardian: An anti-capitalist former stockbroker and the son of Sir James Goldsmith have launched an audacious attempt to halve the value of Coca-Cola’s shares.
The radical activist Max Keiser has joined forces with the editor of the Ecologist magazine, Zak Goldsmith, to launch a hedge fund that will donate the profits from short-sales in Coke’s stock to the “victims of Coke’s business model in places like India and Colombia”.
Mr Keiser, founder of activist website, believes the stunt will reduce Coca-Cola shares from their current value of $41 (

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  1. Thanks for the link. I think it’s unfortunate that those who challenge some aspects of American culture are labelled, or think of themselves as, anti-American.
    On that basis, a lot of Americans would be anti-American.
    If the label were changed to UnAmerican, perhaps there’d be a tad more hesitation to go down that road.
    Nevertheless, I think there’s a big challenge facing some big American brands out there!

  2. Given that the Canadian Emigration web site had 250,000 hits the day after our Presidential election, I’d say there are indeed plenty of Americans who are rabidly anti-American.
    But that doesn’t interest me nearly as much as how big American brands like Coke and McDonald’s plan to deal with anti-Americanism overseas. Or for that matter, how the U.S. government plans to stem the negative tide. It’s no longer just a P.R. problem, it’s a very real economic one, as well.

  3. The “anti-Americans” that ruminate over moving to Canada should do just that. They would love Canada’s socialist policies that guarantee high taxes forever.
    Actually, the people that hit the website are nothing but sore losers. Not ONE of them will leave, for they wouldn’t be able to get a job.
    The Canadian Embassy said work permits were hard to get in the frozen north for that very reason. So much for paradise.

  4. Last night on television a Canadian lawyer stated that the only way Americans could immigrate legally to Canada was by having “needed skills” and a college education. If they have $400,000, they can “contribute” it towards what is in effect a 4-year interest free loan to the Canadian government and get in that way as well.
    So much for “diversity” or taking in “your tired, your poor, your angry, and your Democrats”