Another Brother Moses

Jah come to break downpression,
Rule equality,
Wipe away transgression,
Set the captives free. -Robert Nesta Marley

Senator McCranky started the week with an ad that compared his opponent to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. His intent was to say Obama is a lightweight, an argument which simply holds no water. Now, he’s got a new ad that paints Obama as a later day Moses in hope that the religious right will reject the false messiah.
My conclusion? We’re living in strange times.
The thing that’s truly strange is both ads play to Obama’s strengths. He is popular the world over and he does want to deliver his people from the tyranny of Cheney/Bush. McCranky’s ads say nothing about what he plans to offer, only what Obama offers. If I were in a position to advise him, I’d say, “What, are you nuts?”

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  1. Wow. McCain is getting really desperate isn’t he. Obama is a rock star and he isn’t. he doesn’t need to remind anyone of that.

  2. abbie normal says:

    McCain can do nothing but try and malign Obama because he’s got nothing to offer but the same old, same old.
    He’s out of touch, and his recent ads prove it.

  3. peanut gallery says:

    Yet the latest polls have the race tightening. Go figure.