And You May Ask Yourself, Where Does That Highway Go?

The following video is the work of Howard Pyle, creative director at Local Theory, the New York boutique that created and produced the Nokia Young Lions film competition sponsorship campaign. MTV plans to use some of this footage in an upcoming special on Cannes.

Nokia Nseries sponsored the Young Lions film competition, providing mobile cameras (the Nokia N93i) that the teams used to create 30 second commercials on behalf of MTV Switch, the network’s green initiative.
While the competition in Cannes is over, the competition to be on TV continues. The Young Lions teams that score the most views of their clips on YouTube will be the ones included in the MTV special.
p.s. Nick Law’s comment about not wanting to compete with Hollywood doesn’t sit well with me. Hollywood’s crap rarely smells much better than our own. I say we take them on.

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