And The Winner for “Best Copy In A 2008 Super Bowl Commercial” Goes to Hulu

This spot made very little impression on me last night. But this morning I like it. And there’s good reason for this. Last night, I was at a party. I couldn’t hear the commercials very well. It’s something brands might want to keep in mind–to make an impression during the game, go visual.
The spot above does a nice job of making a lasting impression. Now the hope is millions will see it online or on TV again when there’s time to grab the message.

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  • chidog

    It was my favorite ad of the night. Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with Alec Baldwin.

  • Steffan Postaer

    This was my favorite spot of the night. Very, very well-written. Great Agency. Great Client. Great actor. Just great.
    #2) Coke “Insects”
    #3) Career Builder
    For what it’s worth…