And The Winner Is…

Last month Adweek held an online poll where you could rate certain agencies in certain categories.
I can’t find an online link to the full report, but I’ve seen it in print. Here are some of the top category vote getters:
Most Competitive: Crispin Porter & Bogusky
Most Complacent: Grey
Most Overrated: Deutsch
Most Underrated: GSD&M
Most Like a Playground: Crispin
Most Like a Sweatshop: Grey (ironically, Crispin came in second here)
Most Likely to Languish: Young & Rubicam
Most Like to Disappear: Lowe
Best at Consumer Insight: Goodby
Best at Branded Entertainment: Fallon
Best Run Holding Company: Omnicom
In all fairness, the winning margins weren’t overwheming, but it’s interesting to see how people respond. The quick take from all of the polls: Crispin’s great, Grey & Y&R suck, Goodby’s still pretty good.
Sounds like high school all over again. The popular kids end up in the yearbook most often.

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  1. I remember participating in this survey, and answering that CP+B is by far the most overrated agency on the planet today. Oh well, I’ve grown quite accustom to harboring dissenting opinions. Now, if we were to address the most overrated CEO, well then, the survey respondents appear to be right on the money.

  2. Danny G says:

    No, you weren’t far off.
    Most Overrated:
    Deutsch 18.4%
    CP&B 11.5%
    BBDO 7.9%
    TBWA Chiat Day 5.8%
    Goodby/Wieden (tie) 4.6%