An Ad Guy’s Laundry

I just spent some time catching up on Steffan Postaer’s recent posts to his blog, Gods of Advertising.
Here’s some of what I picked up:

  • Creatives can be an insecure lot.
  • Agencies need to reinvent themselves, sometimes every six to eight weeks.
  • Steffan thinks the Caddilac spot with Kate Walsh is trying too hard.
  • Steffan has a PR associate at Euro RSCG/Chicago look at his some of his posts before publishing them.
  • Steffan wonders if siding with the suits at his agency is a treasonous act (for a writer).

One thing I enjoy about Gods of Advertising–even when I disagree with the POV offered–is how candid and personal Steffan gets. It’s basically the opposite of what I do here. Only on the rarest of occasions do I share information about the agency or clients I work for. Sometimes I feel like I’m proof that you can have a social media obsession and still remain a private person.

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  1. Thanks for your readership and mention of my blog… You’re right, David. There are plenty of objective industry blogs. Gods of Advertising is personal by design. I’m interested in the tension that occurs when creativity meets commerce. Because I do not want to injure my agency or any clients I do sometimes consult with PR. And when I do, I say so. Your blog is a must read. Thanks for talking about mine.